Sequoia-Visalia Kiwanis

Front Row:
Dede Vance
Jeff Sweeney
Janelle Howard
Pam Harder
Jorge Ramos


Board Members

Back Row:
Bob Babcock
Steve Sanders
Donna McFarlane
Dan Usher
Brian Christiansen

Jerry Walkowiak

Bob Babcock


Jeff Sweeney




Dede Vance


Jerry Walkowiak


Donna McFarlane


Club Profile

Sequoia-Visalia Kiwanis


Founded: 1968


Since its inception, Sequoia-Visalia Kiwanis has provided support to worthy community groups and individuals in Tulare County.

Recent Projects

Miracle Mile of Quarters

Our club, along with other Kiwanis Clubs in Division 18 (Tulare & Kings Counties) and Division 5 (Fresno County), collected quarters to support Children's Hospital of Central California.

Voting Precinct Workers
Sequoia-Visalia Kiwanis has staffed an election polling place for local elections since 2000.  Members perform all duties required at a polling place.

Golf Tournament

We have hosted a golf tournament since 2015.  The tournament is held each year sometime in March.  It is the largest fundraiser for our club.

Adopt-A-Highway Program

Sequoia-Visalia Kiwanis adopted a two-mile stretch of Highway 65, north of Houston Ave. in 1990, and continues cleaning this area of litter each year.

Board Members